3 Stages of Self & Business Transcendence Mastery Journey and Roadmap to Global Leadership to Empower; Coach, Mentor & Heal Millions of People... Together!

The pre-requisite to achieving #1. Niche, #2. Market and #3. Global Leadership stage is to first clearly Map-out your Business and its core foundational structure and blueprints.

What does your business look like?

(it's not real until you can actually SEE it, clearly mapped out!) Watch the quick and fun training video below to see what my business looks like and how it's clearly mapped with the specific list of our high-quality products and specialist services giving you the 5***** service, care, time and attention you deserve and want.

Next Question:
What is a Client Key Transformation and Transcendence Journey and WHY you need ONE in your business?

We have spent about 5 years simplifying it all to 3 Stages of Self & Business Transcendence Mastery roadmap for Life Coaches, Mindset Mentors and Corporate Mindfulness Trainers on similar missions or visions to Empower; Coach, Mentor and Heal Humanity, together!

Here's the journey we take you through and the products and services we use to create the specific transformations and transcendence you want in your life and business:

Stage #0. Genesis Stage

Stage #1. Niche Leadership Stage

Stage #2. Market Leadership Stage

Stage #3. Global Leadership Stage

Watch this quick and fun training video from our Self Transcendence Show where I show you our Client Key Transformation Journey and how you can create one for yourself.

Creating this and communicating it to your target market is essential. This is how you create differentiation and show uniqueness thus creating a lot of variations in the market.

Always remember that the clients are only interested in their transformations and getting to their desired existence as quickly and sustainably as possible; while being treated like kings and queens.

We have simplified the journey to Empowering; Coaching, Mentoring & Healing Millions of People to 3 Stages of Self and Business Transcendence Mastery Roadmap.

Here's what the 3 stages look like to create and build a world-renowned, widely known, profitable and positively disruptive Coaching, Mentoring and Healing business that Empowers millions of people:

Royal Anwar Enterprises is on an Ultimate Mission to Empower Millions of People to Transcendence Themselves.

Currently, we offer 3 high-quality Products with 2 Specialist Services and 1 Live Show hosted weekly and sometimes daily in 1 Transcendence Community; serving the Personal Development industry...

Especially Life Coaches, Mindset Mentos & Corporate Mindfulness Trainers who are are ALL IN 120% to create world-renowned, Positively Disruptive Businesses that Empower Millions of People, together!
Product #1:
Our flagship product is the Transcendence Mentorship Program which is 90-days one on one program with done with you services; structured into 8-weeks of essential Business, Sales, Closing, Advertising & Direct Relationship Marketing with Sustainable Promise Delivery fundamentals training.

The Transcendence Mentorship Program is a 90-days one on one program with done with you services; structured into 8-weeks of essential Business, Sales & Closing, Advertising & Direct Relationship Marketing and Sustainable Promise Delivery fundamentals training.

At the core of everything; we have Royal Anwar Enterprises offering 3 high-quality Products + 2 Specialist Services + 1 Live Show which is hosted in 1 Transcendence Community!

Our products & services are only available through the TranscendenceAcademy.com

Product #3:
Our Highest-Level Mastery Training Product is the Transcendence Mastermind designed for Life Coaches, Mindset Mentors & Corporate Mindfulness Trainers who are ALL IN 120% to Transcend to and achieve Global Leadership... in less than 12 - 15months, sustainably!
Product #2:
Our second product is the Business Transcendence Mastery which is a
6-12 months one on one course specifically customised and optimised for you; structured into 8-weeks of core trainings followed by live Q&A and personalised fortnightly Review & Optimisation sessions specifically designed for you!

We do some of the work with you and for you - like managing all your Advertising & Marketing, and serve you and help you Transcend to Market Leadership, in less than 6-12 months, predictably!

So you can do less by leveraging me, my team,  products and services.
The Business Transcendence Accelerator is a 6-weeks one on one, low-cost program specifically created for the people who are in the Genesis Stage (been coaching, mentoring & healing humanity less than 1-2yrs)

——> who wants to hyper-focus their 5-10yrs knowledge to serve humanity and get paid handsomely by offering an irresistible Transcendence KEY PROMISE OFFER that people are able and willing to pay big bucks for.

Each session is fully optimised to what you and your business need and want right now.

The BT:A Accelerator is specifically designed for Life Coaches, Mindset Mentors and Mindfulness Corporate Trainers who want to successfully go from the Genesis Stage (start up mode) to building a solid foundational structure for Niche Leadership!

In a sense, this is our incubator service where we incubate your business for 42 days; and give it all the essential nutrients it needs to thrive in the ever-evolving Personal Development market.
The Direct Relationship Marketing & Professional Advertising Services (collectively known as DRM Services) is our Digital Marketing monthly retainer service at £1,166 /month.

This is for Life Coaches, Mindset Mentors and Corporate Mindfulness Trainers who wants a specialist to manage, create, test and run all their Marketing & Advertising Campaigns... whether they're semi-automated Organic or fully automated Paid and Retargeting Campaigns!

This is our done-for-you service; where we do most of the work and communicate through weekly or fortnightly Review & Optimisation Sessions specifically personalised and designed for the work we are doing with you.

We typically leverage these fortnightly sessions to review our progress and discuss 3-5 specific ideas and startegies that would drastically help us optimise your DRM & Advertising Campaigns; and get you profound results and growth, as soon as sustainably possible.
1 Community Group
What is the Transcendence Community?

The Transcendence Community is a Close Group of Fellow Humans Existing and Experiencing Life Beyond the Normal or Physical Level, Empowering; Coaching, Mentoring and Healing Humanity, Together!

Who is the Transcendence Community group for?
It's for Life Coaches, Mindset Mentors and Corporate Mindfulness Trainers who are ALL IN 120% on similar ultimate missions and visions to create world-renowned, widely know and positively disruptive businesses that empower millions of people, globally!

What is the Purpose of its Existence?
We both know the journey to empowering millions of people to Transcend themselves is not easy, but absolutely possible.

The Transcendence Community exists to serve as the control centre for fellow humans on similar missions and visions to collaborate, share ideas and help each other so we together can empower and touch more people.
1 Live Show
What is the Self Transcendence Show?

Weekly and sometime daily live show hosted in the Transcendence Community providing specialist Support to make the Journey to Empowering; Coaching, Mentoring and Healing Millions of People simpler, more fun and sustainable.

Where can I watch the Self Transcendence Show?
Join the Transcendence Community and get access to all the Self Transcendence Show recordings in full HD and in 5-10mins quick and fun training videos released daily in the community.

Do I get 24/7 Access to the Live Show recording and join you on one of the Live Shows?

Yes, as a Transcendence Community member you get the opportunity to join me on one of the live shows; you also get full access to our online show platform where you can watch all the shows in HD 24/7 from anywhere, anytime. You can listen to the Audio recordings if you prefer to listen!
Meet our CEO & Lead Trainer
Royal Anwar

Royal Anwar is the CEO Owner of Royal Anwar Enterprises on a Mission to Empower Every Human to Transcend Themselves through TranscendenceAcademy.com

Royal is the Lead Business Transcendence Specialist Trainer at TranscendenceAcademy.com helping Life Coaches, Mindset Mentors and Corporate Mindfulness Trainers Transcend themselves; become full-stack business owners and create world-renowned businesses empowering; coaching, mentoring and healing humanity, together!

He is the host of the Self Transcendence Show which happens live weekly and sometimes daily in the Transcendence Community group; offering real-time essential resources, tools, machines, startegies and specialist support to make the journey to Empowering millions of people simpler, more fun and sustainable.

Do I Get Lifetime, Unrestricted Access to Any Products I Own?

YOU get lifetime, unrestricted access to any of our high-quality products or specialised service that you're enrolled in. Our specialist support and help continuous; you can also join our weekly Q&A or fortnightly Review & Optimisation sessions where we can help you live with any aspects of your Life Coaching, Mindset Mentoring or Mindfulness Corporate Training business.

Will I Be Treated With the 5***** Service, Care and Attention That I Deserve and Expect? 
Yes. We are always striving for and eager to exceed your high expectations of good customer experience service.

We always treat you with the personalised 5***** experience, care, attention and specialist support that you deserve - as a token of Gratitude and Appreciation for the Inspiring work that you do; Empowering; Coaching, Mentoring and Healing Humanity, Together!

Do I Get Full Refund Within 14-Days of Purchasing a Product From the TranscendenceAcademy.com ?
Yes. We offer full refund policy; where if you are not 120% happy and satisfied with the product you from the TranscendenceAcademy.com which is our Self and Business Transcendence Mastery training division. We offer 14-days full money back and refund policy for all of our clients.

What Is the TranscendenceAcademy.com ?
The TranscendenceAcademy is our Self and Business Transcendence mastery training for the Personal Development industry; especially Life Coaches, Mindset Mentors & Corporate Mindfulness Trainers who are ALL IN 120% on similar ultimate missions and visions to Empower millions of people.

The TranscendenceAcademy.com is the one and only official website where you can buy our high-quality products and leverage our specialist services to help you empower millions of people to Transcend themselves.

I Want a Personalised DEMO Specifically Designed for Me... Do You Offer Live DEMO Calls for Your Products and Services?
Yes. We offer 15-30mins live demo sessions of our products and services, specifically personalised and optimised based on what you want and need right now.

You can schedule a 30mins DEMO Consultation call below with me, Royal Anwar, right now!

There 5 Specific Types of Call Sessions We Offer!

Each of them are described below with a direct schedule link so you can schedule the right call you want and need; at the right time and join our call live from the comfort of your home or workspace...

This is a quick welcome call that all the new Transcendence Community members get, it's typically about 15mins getting to know all about you and your empowering work.
This is our 30mins quick consultation call for all the Transcendence Community members and potential buyers interested in working with us.
This is a Strategic Strategy Session for potential buyers (typically Life Coaches, Mindset Mentors & Corporate Mindfulness Trainers) who are a good fit and we want to explore further how we could serve you and work with you.

In this call we go into detail to throughly diagnose your current and desired existence as well as get extreme clarity about the core obstacles, challenges and problems slowing or prohibiting your success and growth.

This call is structured into 3 phases where first we Diagnose > then Design the roadmap and plan of action > Commit and go ALL IN 120% to execute it and help you achieve your major outcomes and results.
This is a paid hourly session open for Life Coaches, Mindset Mentors and Corporate Mindfulness Trainers who have been in business for 1 - 8+years who want to work with Royal on a hourly basis or just want to get a quick training session specifically optimised and personalised for you.

Once you have paid and locked in your 60mins coaching session, I will email you with full details and a quick 5-question survey for you to fill so I can get clarity about what 3-5 specific strategies to share with you... that will create massive, drastic and sustainable results for you!
This is for our paid clients-only. It's a 90mins live coaching session with me, Royal Anwar, done typically via zoom call.

This client coaching session is also recorded in HD and uploaded to a secure, private co-working folder that you can access 24/7. This is where we store all of our training materials, session recordings, tools and essential client-only resources.

If you're a paying client of the TranscendenceAcademy.com (a Royal Anwar Enterprise), you can click here and book your client coaching sessions or fortnightly review & optimisations sessions specifically designed for you.

The Transcendence Community group

A Close Community of Fellow Humans on Similar Ultimate Missions and Visions to Empower; Coach, Mentor & Heal Millions of People...
So They CAN Transcend Themselves!
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